PMP Clearinghouse Help

In the event that you have forgotten your password or your password has expired, you can use the link titled “Forgot My Password” located on the log in screen for PMP AWARE. You will be prompted to enter your registered email address. You will then receive an email containing a link to change the password for your account.

NOTE: The link in the email is only valid for 20 minutes. If you click on the link after 20 minutes have expired, you will be prompted to enter your email address again to generate another email with a current link.
You can add new users to PMP Clearinghouse that will have the same rights and access to file submission and status. This allows data submitters to create accounts to be used for a backup individual. You can add a user by going to the section titled User and selecting Add User.

More information on adding users to your account, adding states to your account and adding a SFTP to a registered account, including a complete walkthrough of all steps involved, is available in Section 8. User Profile, of the state PMP AWARxE Data Submission Guide.
If a user requires a SFTP account it must be indicated during registration for the account. The user will check the box to Enable SFTP access and will then be required to create a password, and then select states they will be submitting data for. Data submitters who select to submit data to PMP Clearinghouse by SFTP must configure individual folders for the state PMP systems they will be submitting data to. The sub-folders should use a state abbreviation for naming (ex. KS, MS, NV, etc). The subfolder must be located in the home/dir directory which is where you land once authenticated. Data files not submitted to a state subfolder will be required to have a manual state PMP assignment made on the File Listings screen.
IMPORTANT: Please write down and remember the password that you enter. Once the SFTP account has been created you will receive an email with the User Id to use for SFTP, however it won't provide the password that you entered. Also, this password will not be stored within the application.

More information on SFTP account registration and file submission, including a complete walkthrough of all steps involved is available in Section 3. Creating Your Account and Section 4.1 Secure FTP, of the state PMP AWARxE Data Submission Guide.
SFTP stands for secure File Transfer Protocol. It is a method of automated data submission that requires a SFTP server to be configured and maintained by the user. Data files placed in appropriate locations on the SFTP server are automatically submitted to PMP Clearinghouse for processing.
Accounts become locked after 3 unsuccessful log in attempts. When an account gets locked, an email is sent to the user containing a link that will unlock the account. If the user did not receive the email, there is a link on the log in screen to send a new email containing unlock instructions. Accounts will automatically unlock after 1 hour.
Users are able to change their account information my going to User Profile >> Edit Profile. User information can be updated and saved. Users are able to log into the system and can change this information immediately after registration.
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